Research Poster: 'The influence of γδ T cells on immunity against Mycobacterium Tuberculosis'

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As infectious diseases such as Tuberculosis are becoming more and more important as urgent public health emergencies, it is key that we start understanding the innate and adaptive immune responses towards these pathogens in order to develop effective and efficient cellular therapies to target these. In my research poster I describe some experiments we have carried out to reveal the importance of innate lymphocytes such as γδ T cells in immunity against Mycobacterium Tuberculosis which represent a small step in the treatment of this insidious disease. 

Stefan Elekes

Medical Student , Trinity College Dublin

I am a 3rd year medical student at Trinity College Dublin interested in infectious disease at the level of an individual through immunology and microbiology but also at a population level through public health studies. In light of how infections can get out of control in epidemic and pandemics, the need for research in infectious disease agents and cellular immunotherapies has only become more urgent. This, along with the complexity of pathogen-host interactions is what drives my interest to the field.