Research Days 15, 16 and 17

finished the passed coding

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So, Monday and Tuesday I was busy coding more trials. I can finally say today I finished all the trials were the infants successfully looked at the objects! Thats over 70 videos watched! I feel like I an definitely a lot faster and more confident with the coding and the software now.

I've started coding the failed trials today but after some technical issues I've had to delay it til tomorrow to make sure I'm not coding incorrectly. I had a lot of questions about these trials and I felt a bit bad asked my supervisor them all as its supposed to be my project but, as my research is part of a wider project I knew it would be best to save any problems for anyone who hopefully uses my research in the future!

Over the last few days I have also been getting on with my research for my presentation and my report. It's going okay so far I just need to keep reading and finding information thats relevant to my report and keep going back to my research aims. I should be able to start to analyse the passed data first so this will really help to finalize my research aims other than the cross-cultural differences in the strategies so that I can really get the most out of my data.

Ellen Lavender

Scholar, University of York

I'm a 2nd year psychology MSci student specialising in developmental disorders. My project focuses around the development attention in infants and if certain maternal strategies scaffold joint attention and how this varies cross culturally in the UK and Uganda.

I'm really excited for the Laidlaw programme by building my confidence through the leadership programme and exploring my passion for research further!