Research Days 30-34

the final week!

I've finished my research period!! Its been a very long and stressful few days but I'm happy to say I completed my research period today after organising all my files and work.

On Monday and Tuesday I did some statistical analysis and prepared my presentation for my research.

If I'm honest the statistical analysis was the hardest part of the whole research period (as maths isn't my strongest). And I made quite a few mistakes but I sorted them out and came out with significant results! Which I was really happy about and I really learnt a lot!

The starts weren't anything I hadn't done before but it was quite scary to have to analyse all that data all by myself!

On Wednesday I gave my presentation to the lab group, explaining what I'd done and found out. I was really nervous but I'm really happy with how it went.

I then spent today organising all my data and files so that if I come back to this research then I'll understand it all1

And now the plan is - to write my report explaining what I have gained from this experience! And then in September I will do some more work with my data to just finalize some things I didn't get a chance to look at. And then I will hopefully at some point start the write up for a research report alongside the research team as part of a big overall joint attention project which my project is a part of!

If you have any questions let me know and I'll keep you all updated with the rest of the work I do with my data and for Laidlaw!

Now I'm ready for a break and my holiday in Ireland!

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