Research Day 9 (15/07/2021

reliability passed!

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Today I got my IOR passed with values of 0.94 and 0.7 so I'm really happy!

In the morning I edited some more trials while this was getting passed and then started the reading for my report! There's a lot of reading surrounding joint attention so I think it's best if I get a little bit done a day perhaps from now on or at least every few days

We also had a clarification on infant gaze so I went back and checked this for videos I already coded and updated the spreadsheet for this.

Then I finally started coding independently! I completed 2 trials which took me a long time as they were long with a lot going on and, it took me a while to sync the videos independently.

But as I start coding Monday-Friday from now on (after tomorrow off) I will hopefully get faster at coding the videos, syncing them so the videos play at the same time and logging any other information.

I'm excited to start properly on Monday!

Ellen Lavender

Scholar, University of York

I'm a 2nd year psychology MSci student specialising in developmental disorders. My project focuses around the development attention in infants and if certain maternal strategies scaffold joint attention and how this varies cross culturally in the UK and Uganda.

I'm really excited for the Laidlaw programme by building my confidence through the leadership programme and exploring my passion for research further!