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Hi everyone, I’m conducting an experiment and need some participants, I would really appreciate your help! The experiment will take about 10 minutes and must be completed on a laptop/desktop.

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Hi, I need participants for my study and I’d really appreciate your help! The experiment will take no longer than 10 minutes and must be completed on a laptop/desktop. Everyone is welcome to participate, you just have to click the link below and you’re good to go! You’ll see 60 videos, (they don’t have audio) and each video is followed by a face (it is not always the same face). All you’ve got to do is indicate whether you perceived the face as afraid or surprised. Thank you!

Click here to access the experiment.

Emel Kucuk

Student, University of York

Hi! I'm a second-year MSci Pscyhology undergraduate following the neuroscience and neuroimaging pathway. I'm passionate about cognitive neuroscience and essentially investigating how our behaviour is explained by our brain. My inquisitiveness motivates me to investigate further to find answers or improve my knowledge so a PhD and a career concerning research psychology appeals to me. I'd love to help others whenever I can so feel free to contact me if you need a participant, someone to talk to or just someone to listen to you.


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about 1 year ago

Hi Emel, 

I think your interests and background are very interesting! I'm also on the neuroscience track and I'm currently working at the Martinos Center in Boston, one of the biggest imaging centers in the world. I'm currently working in a lab that studies Alzheimer’s and I'm also thinking about a PhD. My Laidlaw Project was on the neuroscience of intellectual disabilities. Let me know if you'd like to connect or follow up with our research and interests in this shared field.