LiA Project Outline

LiA Project Outline

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LiA Project Outline (part A)

Your full name and University of affiliation

Full name: Wei Ke

University: The Univerisity of Hong Kong

University contact

Your key contact or supervisor at your University

Full name: Nil

Department: Nil

Email address: Nil

Title of your LiA project

Peru: Indigeneous Communities and Empowerment of Minority Groups

The organisation/charity you are working with


Organisation/charity contact

Your key contact (supervisor) at the organisation/charity

Full name: Brenda Sañudo

Email address:

The need or cause you are supporting

What is the specific problem, cause or opportunity you are exploring?

With more than 71 indigeneous ethnicities, Peru is a country that has learned the importance of building innovative approaches to engage, collaborate and include its native communities in all sectors. Join the Peru experience to build creative ways through which minority communities can be given better opportunities to prosper and preserve within their cultures.


What is the big-picture idea/vision and desired outcome of what your LiA project is trying to achieve in order to address the need or problem above?

Empower the minority groups in Peru, especially women.


These represent how you will achieve your goal. Write down three to five SMART objectives outlining how you will achieve the overall goal.

  1. Conduct 1 minor research about the cultural situation of Peru in the latest 50 years by week 1
  2. Conduct 1 minor research about the political situation of Peru in the latest 50 years by week 2
  3. Conduct 1 minor research about the ecomonical situation of Peru in the latest 50 years by week 3
  4. Try to focus on 1-3 minority groups for empowerment by week 3

List any challenges, barriers or risks to achieving your objectives

  1. Remote working from Mexico
  2. Not enough knowledge of the cultural background of Peru
  3. Cultural arrogance

Ideas to overcome barriers or challenges

  1. Work closely with the volunteers in Peru. Try to connect with them in video format
  2. Get to know more about Peru through all channels: books, magazines, movies, games, etc
  3. Communicate with scholars from different cultrual backgrounds. But usually cultural arrogance is not easy to get rid of.

Milestones per week

What are the significant activities/objectives of the LiA project outlined by week? Please provide dates.

1    July 10, 2023    Inspiration week    Immersing in the country’s culture and getting to know its main challenges.
2    July 17, 2023    Action week    Add-up actions and strengthen leadership abilities.
3    July 24, 2023    Research and training    Defining the problem and research solutions.
4    July 31, 2023    Building the program and communicating    Defining goals and solutions, strategic planning, and welcome volunteers.
5    August 7, 2023    Reacting and evaluating    Working on the re_action project with organizations and volunteers.
6    August 14, 2023    Reacting and evaluating    Wrap-up project results and program closure.

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