Invitation: Global Induction Session 2024

Join us for the 2024 Global Induction Session 🌍🎉 Connect with the global Laidlaw Scholars community, discover how to make the most of the programme, and meet the Laidlaw Foundation team!
Invitation: Global Induction Session 2024

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Dear Leadership & Research Laidlaw Scholars, 

The Laidlaw Foundation team is thrilled to invite you to the 2024 Global Induction Session, which will take place on Wednesday, June 12th 2pm BST | 3pm CET | 9am EDT | 9pm HKT.

You will hear from accomplished programme alumni, discover how to make the most out of your Laidlaw Scholar experience, and meet the Foundation team.

We will also host a networking session to give you the chance to connect with fellow Laidlaw Scholars from our 18 partner universities around the world. 

Please RSVP here: 

The agenda is coming soon! Make sure you 'Watch' the event room to receive updates. 

👋 If you haven't already, take 2 minutes to introduce yourself and learn about your global cohort in our introductions thread.

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