Final Reflections

As I near the completion of my journey as a Laidlaw Scholar, I have embarked on a process of introspection, reflecting on both the program's impact and my personal evolution.
Final Reflections


What does leadership means to me today?

Like most people, two years ago I also took Leadership by its definition, the act of providing direction or guidance, now however on a personal level , I believe what this fails to encapsulate is the emotional and human element of the word. Having been given the opportunity to be in various leadership positions over the past two years in the form of the leadership in action project and our research work where I stand now is the belief that the act of leadership is more a social phenomenon rather than a set list of qualities, it is dynamic in nature while some of its features remain static, and they can be used in all walks of life.

I learned leadership not just from these practical experiences but also from my Laidlaw cohort, my mentors and workshops conducted by professionals who are leading by example. Who made me realise that leadership entails understanding the strengths but more importantly weaknesses in such a way, that each  strength can be leveraged to compensate for individual weaknesses. By doing so every individual will feel a place of belonging and enjoy their role in such a way that work no longer seems like “work”. I have been fortunate enough to experience this first hand during my time at support through court, when I saw the multiple forces and people involved in a case, with everyone doing their part to ensure the best outcome. The question,  are leaders born or made is one that always left me unsure, however now I am of the belief the qualities of both remain the same what remains most important is the idea that If your actions inspire others to become better versions of themselves, you are a leader.

 how my leadership skills have developed....

I wished to shape my global perspective on social issues and justice as I aspire to work in Human right laws. Being a good lawyer entails being an efficacious communicator, to be able to covey your message in a simple and efficient manner. Which is exactly what I got an opportunity to do at the legal aid clinic at royal courts of justice. To apply my theoretical knowledge in real life to ensure that they understand their rights and best legal options. Moreover, It was not just about applying legal principles but about offering hope and support through challenging times. This experience has undoubtedly been a cornerstone in my legal education, shaping me into a more compassionate, skilled, and socially conscious legal professional. Further working on family law cases which were extremely sensitive in nature, cultural intelligence and empathy were crucial for engaging effectively with clients from diverse backgrounds. This experience highlighted the importance of emotional intelligence and the power of diversity in collaborative efforts. This idea of Social and cultural intelligence and awareness was further during my research in Europe, which ensured that I was able to navigate new and foreign situations without hesitation while also build relationships and networks.

Lastly, how I think this programme has helped me....

Laidlaw has given me access to world-class resources , unparalleled opportunities, and a platform to meet like minded individuals. Every leadership skills and experience is one that will help progress in my personal and professional life and the chance to bring about meaningful change while working with passionate leaders is unmatched. Having been fortunate enough to gain real world experience in a field which I am so passionate about, has given me the opportunity to broaden my horizons and explore various avenues and solutions in the legal realm . Further, the interdisciplinary nature of this programme gave me the opportunity to think about real world problems from multiple lenses which enhanced my critical evaluation and reflective skills . I highly recommend this leadership programme to everyone, it will give a chance to make lifelong connections with a diverse international network while allowing you to learn and contribute in equal measure.

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26 days ago

Reading your thoughts on leadership felt like a breath of fresh air. Your journey, from navigating legal challenges to embracing global perspectives, really showcases leadership as a lived, felt experience, not just a title. Big props for diving deep and sharing this wisdom!