Final Evaluation

Reflections on my LIA and research projects.
Final Evaluation

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In my initial application to the Laidlaw program, I chose social and cultural awareness and self-knowledge as the two competencies I would like to improve on. Now, not only have I improved on these, but I have developed effective communication skills, resilience and a strong desire to achieve. Starting from my Leadership in action project, I was working in fundraising for a small charity. I was pushed to learn new skills like how to operate a CRM, project management and event management skills which I had never done before. With the help of the training days and the sessions on building our self-confidence, I mustered the courage to push myself and excel in all of these new areas which helped me become the self-assured and resilient person who completed her group research project in September 2023. 

My research project unlike many others, was a group project where we studied how spatial geography reflects the competing leadership styles in Catalonia and Castilian Spanish regions, using Barcelona and Madrid as our primary research locations. Throughout this project, the team was faced with constant challenges and hurdles we had to overcome. Whether this be something as simple as scheduling a meeting across our three time zones or deciding whose skills fit best in which area, we had to consistently communicate and be open to our ideas being challenged. But, I firmly believe that these challenges is what helped us create the amazing experience and final report that we are all very proud of. 

I initially believed that leadership was understanding and working alongside a diverse group of people and steering them towards a common goal. I now understand that leadership is about finding that common goal alongside others, working together on achieving a greater task by listening to each other and being compassionate. When in leadership positions previously, I often centred the team around my vision of what the end goal looked like. Through Laidlaw, I learnt the importance of being open minded and learning to adapt and creative solutions in high pressured environments.

I can confidently say through the two years of the Laidlaw program, I have become a better communicator and ethical leader. Whether this be through meeting all the other scholars from around the world, or through the travel and research that I was able to do, Laidlaw equipped me with practical experiences of working on a long-term project with a team. All whilst helping me develop my networking and professional development skills.

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Go to the profile of Princess Agina
3 months ago

What an inspiring journey, Amirah! It's amazing how you've embraced leadership not just as guiding others but as a collaborative journey towards a common goal. Kudos to you for all your hard work and the incredible leader you've become!

Go to the profile of Amirah Deji-Abiola
about 2 months ago

Thank you so much for the support Princess! Wishing you all the best