Emotional literacy session

I was delighted to help facilitate today’s session on emotional literacy with the new 2024 Scholars.

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Today I helped guide athe 2024 cohort through their session on ‘Emotional literacy’. We drew from the theories of psychologist, Daniel Goleman. 

I led a team who focused on the subject of self-management. We explored the importance of emotional self-confidence, adaptability, achievement orientation, and positive outlooks. 

Through collaboration, we were able to recognise ways in which we can regulate our emotions in pressurised situations. Moreover, we explored ways to make a routine that aids our self-management. Meditation was believed to be one of the most beneficial methods we could use to manage ourselves in the long run.

Thanks to Marcus for leading the session, and thanks to Beccy and Matt for organising the event. 

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12 days ago

Brilliant work Oran