Education for Sustainable Development: Scoping Animal Welfare Legislation & Policy Across Africa

My first-year research project - looking at Global issues, sustainable development goals, animal welfare, and education for sustainable development. 

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The extent and existence of laws in Africa governing the use of animals in research to create solutions to complex issues facing the continent, improve human and animal health and wellbeing, develop new medicines, and animal conservation is unknown. These policies are critical for the production of high-quality and reproducible research and animal welfare. The undertaking of this project will involve studying laws, regulations, and policy documents to find out the extent of animal welfare laws, policies, and ethical review processes in each of the 58 countries in Africa. Scoping this legislation will aid in the refinement of professional education courses currently run in Africa for all individuals involved in the care and use of animals in research, which will enhance animal welfare across the continent and support African researchers in undertaking high-quality science. This will also be an opportunity to establish weaknesses of the animal welfare legislation in the UK, and potentially apply aspects of African ethics in the UK.  

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