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Democratising economics

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According to a survey ran by Yougov in 2015, only 39% of respondents could define Gross Domestic Product, 43% the Government Budget Deficit and 30% Quantitative Easing.

Economics is a discipline that impacts everyone, yet it is also a subject where few people are able to have their say. In a time where all our politicians seem to talk about is the economy, this is dangerous for democracy. This blog seeks to make economics accessible to everyone in a jargon-free way. 

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If you're an economics student who is passionate about this cause, please email me and we can run it together. 

Khushi Kakrania (she/her)

Student, University College London

I am a penultimate year economics student at University College London. I believe in taking initiatives and solving problems. Nothing excites me more than large scale impact. I'm always down to collaborate with like minded individuals.