Congratulations to Blanche Tang (HKU, 2021 cohort)

Award recipient of the Hong Kong Scholarship of Excellence Scheme, Blanche Tang currently furthers her study in the field of audiological sciences at UCL as a master's student.

Blanche, currently a master's student specialising in audiological sciences at University College London (UCL), stands as a testament to her academic prowess and dedication to advancing her field. Her journey began at The University of Hong Kong (HKU), where she earned a BSc with First Class Honours in Speech and Hearing Sciences in 2023. During her undergraduate years, Blanche was granted the prestigious Laidlaw Scholarship in 2020-21, affording her the opportunity to collaborate with Dr. Anita Wong and Dr. Elizabeth Barrett at HKU. Building on this experience, she furthered her research endeavors by securing the Mitacs Gobalink Research Internship Award in 2021-2022. This award facilitated her 12-week engagement in research under the guidance of Dr. Tim Bressmann at the University of Toronto. The outcomes of their collaborative work were showcased at the Symposium of the International Clinical Phonetics and Linguistics Association in 2023, hosted in Salzburg, Austria. Blanche's commitment to academic excellence was underscored when she received the Best Oral Presentation Award during the Annual Presentation of the Bachelor of Science in Speech and Hearing Sciences Final Year Research Project in 2023. Motivated by a pursuit of further knowledge and global exposure, Blanche subsequently transitioned to UCL, supported by the Hong Kong Scholarship of Excellence Scheme (HKSES). Her academic journey is marked by a series of notable achievements, reflecting both her scholarly capabilities and her passion for advancing the field of audiological sciences.


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5 months ago

Absolutely amazing, @Tang Hei Yung, Blanche! What an impressive journey. Can't wait to see all the incredible things you'll achieve next!