Challenges So Far

Supporting Students through Solidarity

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As the main initiative of my project is to record and materialize a guide for student organizations to address internal struggles in order to better support one another outside of their own student group, I recognize that the present has been a particular case for this. As various student groups join together under united causes over the course of the past school year, what it means to combat challenges such as Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, homophobia, transphobia, etc. In addition to intense campus conditions, the school year is coming to an end at Oxford, so organizing meeting time for student groups has been particularly difficult. Having not only an intense streamline of communication, but a perspective of empathy as well as flexibility has been essential in my project thus far, as well as utilizing technology whenever possible to make conversations transparent and readily available. Providing an in-person as well as a Zoom option for follow-up meetings and making any documents shareable have made any difficulties much easier to facilitate and address scheduling conflicts. 

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