CFP for the Columbia Undergraduate Research Journal (CURJ)

Please see below for the call for submissions for the Spring 2021 Issue of the Columbia Undergraduate Research Journal.

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The Columbia Undergraduate Research Journal (CURJ) is pleased to invite submissions for its Spring 2021 issue. CURJ is an open access, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary journal that publishes research carried out by undergraduates. We welcome papers by students in all fields of study, and are excited to provide an opportunity to recognize excellent undergraduate research. The deadline for submissions for this issue is January 3rd, 2021.

Please see our website for information on publication policies and submission guidelines. To submit, please see this link:

Thank you! I run this journal along with other undergraduate students at Columbia University and appreciate your consideration of this opportunity to share your research. 

Helen Ruger

Student, Columbia University

This summer under the auspices of the Laidlaw Scholars Program I will be researching Hippocratic works and other texts from ancient Greek medical discourse in order to ask questions around female agency and challenges to the female body. How are female bodies governed? How are bodies feminized in medical discourse? If one can consider a body as an object from which forces of political, social, and psychological agency or governance emerge, how does a body’s female identity confound this? I am interested in how material bodies are formed and gendered, how they are a site of biological or social domains. It is through medical writings and interrogating perceptions of the ancient Greek body that one may more clearly understand what elements of the human experience are valued.


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8 months ago

Hi Helen,

I submitted a paper in early January though have heard nothing since then. May I ask if the reviewing starts and if not, when it will?