Career Panel Officers (2)

Connect and empower the broader Laidlaw Scholarship program by becoming one of two Career Panel Officers within the Laidlaw Alumni Society!

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Connect with Scholars, Alums, and professionals across various sectors by joining the Alumni Society’s Committee as a Career Panel Officer!

As a Laidlaw Scholar, you are a part of a diverse global community made up of motivated undergraduates from world-leading universities.

Every single Scholar is passionate about research and leadership, striving to create meaningful change. To LEAD change by using data-based decision making, centering everything they do around our values, acting with integrity, and lifting others along their way.

Becoming a Career Panel Officer for the Laidlaw Alumni Society is an amazing opportunity to demonstrate leadership, develop your project management skills, and connect with industry professionals and current and former Laidlaw scholars!


We are looking for two proactive individuals to coordinate the Alumni Society’s Career Panels.

By becoming a Career Panel Organiser, you will help current and former Laidlaw scholars, among others, learn about careers in a variety of sectors and grow their professional networks.

As an organized and proactive individual, you will research sectors, reach out to and connect with industry professionals of various levels, and liaise with the Panel Moderator to promote and bring to life our Career Panels.

***For more details, please take a look at this slide deck.***


A bright, reliable, and enthusiastic current/former Laidlaw Scholar who is passionate about helping their community succeed and flourish. An independent player who can be strategic and forward-looking while at the same time taking personal ownership for everyday activity. Of course, an active user of the Laidlaw Scholars Network with a proven track record.


* This is an unpaid opportunity. 

* There are no minimum/preferred qualifications.

* This role can be done completely online - there are no location requirements.

* This role is flexible - approximately 3h per week. 


Please fill out the application form below. 

Remember, your activity on the Laidlaw Scholars Network will play an important role in the selection process, so make sure that your profile is complete. 

Deadline: 21 January 2021, 11.59 GMT

Application Link Here

If you have any questions about this opportunity, please contact Serra Muftu at

Serra Muftu

North American Chapter President of the Laidlaw Scholars Program, Tufts University

I am a senior at Tufts University and a Laidlaw Scholars Program Alumni. In June 2020 I transitioned into the position of North American Chapter President where I coordinate panels and discussions among the wider scholars network. At Tufts, I am studying intergenerational instability of trinucleotide repeats in DNA using a homologous recombination assay in Drosophila to look at the genetic underpinnings of how Huntington's Disease is passed from parent to progeny. I am also pursuing an independent project investigating the potential role of Polymerase Delta Interacting Protein 2 in switching from replicative to translesion synthesis pathways in response to DNA damage.