Call for UK teachers in Primary education!

I am looking for UK teachers in primary education to conduct qualitative-40 minute Zoom interviews on environmental education!

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I am a Laidlaw scholar from the University of York and I am currently conducting my 2nd research project on environmental education in the primary years of school. For this I am aiming to conduct 40 minute-1hr qualitative Zoom interviews with primary school teachers in the UK.

The project is a student research funded by the Laidlaw Foundation and aims to explore to what extent are notions of collective responsibility cultivated in schools in the early years and contribute to the conversation regarding the inclusion of climate responsibility in the educational curriculum. For this reason, I am carrying out interviews with teachers in primary years education. 

If you have kept in touch with any teachers from your old schools or you think someone you know who is a teacher might be interested, please let me know either by messaging me on the Network or emailing me on The hours for the Zoom interview are very flexible and will be determined according to the teachers' availability. Please also feel free to share my email address with anyone who might be interested!

Note: This project has received ethics approval from the university of York

Thanks a lot,


Maria Valenstain

Student Researcher, University of York

I am an undergraduate Laidlaw Scholar studying Philosophy and Politics at the University of York. I am very interested in the climate education. My project investigate collective responsibility regarding climate change in the primary years of school.