Arts in our Spaces- The Urbanist

How a podcast on urban planning brings the integration of arts to a new perspective.
Arts in our Spaces- The Urbanist

Of all the places to be struck with artistic inspiration, I did not plan it to be a podcast about urban planning. Over the summer I have been listening to The Urbanist (supplemented by The Good Leader Podcast) and have really started contemplating how the arts can extend far beyond the museum or the mural and onto trains, hotels, and the streets.

This may all sound quite obvious- many cities have an arts district (even the underground lines in London have some artistic influence). However, what is astounding to me is how much the arts are being considered explicitly by city planners.  Places to showcase and create art are in development, and it has never been more exciting! 

I could keep on going about this but wanted to keep it brief so you can go fresh into the podcast experience. There are plenty of great episodes about integrating the arts into society, but for now, I recommend the 'Culture and the City' episode where the UK art forum explains their six-step development plan. It is a great lesson in both the arts and leadership.

To find the podcast simply search 'The Ubranist' on Spotify or follow the link below:

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