An invitation to the STEM network!

All current STEM scholars are invited to join our group!

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Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing great! Happy new year 2021!

Subject Lead is an initiative which brings together scholars whose research is within the same subject area. The scholars share their research and leadership journey and also collaborate. They get chance to join various networking sessions and webinars which keep them connected as they learn from each other. 

Step 1:

- You can start by joining the STEM room on Laidlaw scholars network by clicking right here: STEM/ room

Step 2:

- What you are requested to do is very easy! If your research is based in STEM, DM so that I can add you in our WhatsApp group!

Please share this information with all scholars so they may join!

In case you have any questions, let me know! Looking forward to meeting you all! 

 Inkindi Mutoni Sabine,

STEM Subject Lead

Inkindi Mutoni Sabine

STEM Subject Lead, University of Rwanda

I am a final year student at the University of Rwanda, studying Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering. I am also the STEM Subject Lead. My project is about bringing a system that could help in minimizing the number of high-school and primary students who bring cell phones at school since it's one of the major sources of distraction. I am very interested in IoT (Internet of Things) related fields. I enjoy challenging myself because it always helps me to step out of my comfort zone.