Lord Laidlaw Gives Four Thousand Food Packages to Masiphumelele Township

Lord Laidlaw is providing four thousand food packages, with enough food for a family of four, to his local township Masiphumelele, for the next two weeks while the community struggles with the impact of Covid19.

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The coronavirus lockdown is causing hardship, suffering and distress to people all over the world. In the cramped townships of South Africa, already struggling with poverty and overcrowding, the impact is particularly devastating. Those who have lost their jobs in the shutdown are faced with not knowing how they will feed themselves and their families.

Working with churches, NGOs and his local contacts, Lord Laidlaw is making sure that families have enough to eat.

Lord Laidlaw says, “it is vital that we support those who have become unemployed due to the coronavirus, and ensure that they and their families do not have to worry about such a basic human need as food.”

A local doctor, coordinating the parcel drops with the church, Living Hope, says that the quick response to the situation has been both impressive and gratefully received.

Read full press release here.

UPDATE (09/06/2020): 1 million meals have now been donated to Masiphumelele residents through food vouchers bought by Lord Laidlaw. 

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about 1 year ago

This has now gone up to 8500 food parcels. With over 30% of people in the township working in hospitality, a sector which is being dessimated by the pandemic, Lord Laidlaw is continuing to ensure that families have enough to eat.