Youth-led Policy Brief - Youth Voices for Sustainable Futures in Higher Education

Universities are uniquely situated to respond to the challenges posed by climate change. In this policy brief we share student recommendations for sustainable futures in higher education drawn from a participatory workshop held in University College London*.

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*For full list of contributors:

Project co-leads: Batool Wajiha Zaidi and Kavan Shah.

Academic supervisor: Professor Lizzie Rushton.

Co-authors: Huda Javed, Isobella Lewis, Juhi Mistry, Sinead O’ Connell, Carlos Rangel Outeda, Alesha Parkar, Kunxiang Peng and Nicole Jun Teng Tan.

Contributors: Lucas Dastros-Pitei, Aliza Kabani, Nadia Kwiecinska, Amaani Nabeel Nawaz and Francisco Javier Bermejo Vilas.

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