Research Essay - 'Does gay pay: How does the Walt Disney Company manage the risk and reward of increasing LGBTQ representation?'

It has been a long road to finally publishing my research essay and poster. But now that I have, I am thrilled with the result! Please have a read below...

I always wanted my research project to concern LGBTQ representation in Film & TV. But the scope of my title question narrowed quite dramatically from my initial proposal. I originally planned to analyse the entire history of LGBTQ representation in Film & TV, which was much too ambitious for 3000 words!

I then focused on the commercialisation of LGBTQ representation, which was also too broad. I then narrowed this same analysis across two very different but also remarkably similar companies, The Walt Disney Company and the BBC. But after writing around 6000 words on this topic, I had to redefine my focus again.

So my final essay became, ‘How does the Walt Disney Company manage the risk and reward of increasing LGBTQ representation?’. Undoubtedly, I still wrote far too much for this final question. But after slimming down the word count and finally finishing my project, I see that this is the question I wanted to answer all along.

I hope that everyone can take something away from my project. Whether it be readers already interested in Film & TV, LGBTQ representation, or anyone entirely new to these topics. I have always been interested in the business of Film & TV and the evolution of LGBTQ representation. So thank you to my project supervisor Nick Jones and to the Laidlaw foundation, for enabling me to pursue these interests in such an amazing way.

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