My initial Laidlaw research proposal.

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Thomas Malo Bombarde

Student, Durham University

My project looks at the educational outcomes of children on the Autistic Disorder Spectrum and their correlates.

My subjects are Mathematics and Economics within NatSci at Durham University. I am also keen to engage with heterodox economics, mathematics and mental health more broadly.


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21 days ago

This looks so interesting!

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18 days ago

Thanks Maria!

This looks an amazing project. Having a brother who has an ASD, I know how important access to educational and employment activities is. I really hope the project goes well!

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18 days ago

Thanks Luke that’s really encouraging. I also have a twin with ASD, so am really keen to do my best. I’m curious to see what your research will look like, is it also a study of ASD?  

Hi Thomas, my research is partly based on the efficacy and wellbeing of parents of children with autism spectrum disorders and other intellectual disabilities, and assessing whether this impacts upon the mental health of children with ASDs. The wider project is on parental confidence and self-belief and how this affects mental health outcomes of individuals with epilepsy. Really hope that having someone close to me with an ASD will help me with this!

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18 days ago

Fascinating! I look forward to reading your proposal if you upload it and getting to learn more from your research; family and environment is such a big part of mental health. I’m really glad to find a future scholar in similar research and I hope we get to talk more at some point. Good luck with your work in the meantime!