Mock-up Display: 'Leeds Radicals'

A mock-up display for an additional project produced for my Laidlaw supervisor, on the subject of ‘Leeds Radicals’, for the University of Leeds’ 'Be Curious' research open day.

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(Note: It displays better when downloaded!) 

Be Curious is the University’s largest public engagement event, aimed particularly at families. Be Curious 2020 was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic: this is the mock-up of the boards I intended to produce as part of the Department of History’s presentation.

Whilst not part of my Laidlaw research, this project utilised – and was intended to publicise – many of the same organisations, resources and archives which I used researching Medieval Leeds Today, including Leeds Libraries’ Local Studies department, the Leeds Library, and the collections of West Yorkshire Archive Services, the Brotherton Library, Leeds Civic Trust, and the Thoresby Society. Production of this project was partially funded by Leeds Library Services.

The display was intended to be accompanied by items from the Local Studies Library’s archives, alongside material from recent activism in the city, including the UCU strikes and the School Strikes for Climate – contextualising contemporary protest within Leeds’ long tradition of social activism.

I have also uploaded the mock-up of the booklet intended to accompany this display and Leeds Libraries’ exhibition Radical Printing in Leeds.

Jennifer McIlwrath Hurst

Undergraduate Researcher, University of Leeds

Hello! I'm a Liberal Arts History major student, currently researching the medieval - and medievalism - in Leeds’ tangible and intangible urban landscape. I am investigating the landscape and buildings of medieval Leeds, Victorian Leeds, and present-day Leeds - and considering how all three intersect and inform both each other, and constructions of local identity and place. ​                                                                                      I am also interested in the broader utility of medievalism to nationalism, and the creation of national identities - and the impact of this on the contemporary political landscape of the UK and Ireland. I'm passionate about the utility of heritage studies and the importance of historical contextualization to political decision making - from urban planning to national policymaking.