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Laidlaw Research Project

Together with my research partner Luke Muschialli (a UCL medical student), we aimed to determine if MATCH-ADTC (a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy session adapted for children with epilepsy) impacts children’s mental health outcomes and parental self-efficacy (i.e. their confidence in parenting), and ascertain the relationship between these. We also investigated the impact of comorbid autism spectrum disorder on the mental health of parents of children with epilepsy.

Our study shows that a course of epilepsy-specific MATCH-ADTC positively impacts both mental health outcomes for children with epilepsy and parental self-efficacy. Our study also shows that there is a significant correlation between increased parental self-efficacy and improved child mental health outcomes. Finally, our study suggests that the improvements in mental health outcomes for children with epilepsy that accompany MATCH-ADTC may not be the same for children with epilepsy and comorbid Autism Spectrum Disorder. The results of this study show the importance and benefits of incorporating the needs of the parents into therapies for children with epilepsy. 

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