Initial Research Proposal

My initial research proposal for my summer 2020 project where I will be collecting climate related data from a sediment core taken from the Mozambique Channel.

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  A few changes have been made to the project since my initial research proposal was developed. My research question is now ´Can oceanic changes in the Mozambique Channel provide evidence for the occurrence of the Little Ice Age?'. I will be doing this by studying oxygen and carbon isotopes during the time of the Little Ice Age to see if they provide evidence for its still fairly debated occurrence.  


Student , Durham University

I am interested in climate change and how it will affect our environment, in particular, the effects it will have on our oceans. In the future I hope to model and predict the changes that climate change will cause to aid the adaptation and mitigation required to combat this global problem. Currently, I am in my first year of my undergraduate degree studying Geoscience.