Chung-Sophia Laidlaw Poster

2023 Tufts-Laidlaw Poster: Market Analysis of Clinical Depression Intervention Services in the Workplace

Under the mentorship of Dr. David Adler at Tufts Medical Center, and with the guidance of industry expert, Dr. Debra Lerner, I spent this summer conducting a market analysis of clinical depression intervention services in the workplace. This study presents a comprehensive market analysis of behavioral healthcare services within occupational settings, with a focus on addressing the workforce's burden of depression and mitigating associated economic losses. Additionally, it provides essential market insights for the strategic implementation of Be Well at Work—an innovative counselor training and leasing service that offers a highly effective methodology for improving the mental health and productivity of employees with depression.

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2 months ago

The staggering increase in depression symptoms from before the pandemic to 2020 is truly alarming. I appreciate how methodically the information is laid out and the deep dive into the economic implications of depression. Appreciate you presenting such dense and critical information in an accessible manner!