Characterisation of the activity of a novel DNA ligase enzyme encoded by a crAss-like bacteriophage from the human gut

Hi everyone, I am happy to share the findings of my research. We could successfully express and purify a novel enzyme, that is encoded by a species of virus belonging to the most abundant viruses in human gut.

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Polina Foteva

Second year, BSc Biochemistry, University of St Andrews

Hi, I'm Polina Foteva and I'm a Biochemstry student in St Andrews University. I am interested in the properties of enzymes and mechanism of biocatalysis. It is really exciting to be part of the Laidlaw Network and I can't wait for my first summer as a Laidlaw scholar.


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15 days ago

That is incredibly interesting! Thank you for sharing this :)

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14 days ago

Thousand thanks Natalja! This means a lot! I'm more than excited to continue my research. Wish you all the best with your project and looking forward to you sharing more about it!