Naveen Kler - EQUALL Conference 2022

Laidlaw Scholar Naveen Kler shares her five takeaways as a woman at business school.

Congratulations to Naveen Kler, London Business School '22, for being selected in Poets & Quants' Top 100 Best and Brightest MBAs graduating globally this year — as one of only two LBS MBAs on the list!

Today we're inspired to recall her speech from the LBS EQUALL conference this year, where she addressed her top 5 takeaways as a woman in business school:

  1. [00:00] Be the Pipeline and Live, Speak and Breathe your Ambition
  2. [03:20] Change the Language
  3. [04:31] Build Your Support System
  4. [06:00] Aim for the End of the Movement but bring MORE Momentum now
  5. [06:35] Look Up, Down and to the Side and Rise All

Read Poets & Quants' interview with Naveen here. 

Thank you, Naveen, for representing the Laidlaw Women’s Leadership Fund and we are excited to see your work in the future!

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