Leading with Courage in Troubled Times

#LaidlawGlobalTalks: Trinity College Dublin

This event is a part of the #LaidlawGlobalTalks Series, in which our partner universities invite speakers to share their leadership journeys and issues pertinent to their experience in order to support the development of Laidlaw Scholars as next generation leaders. 


Trinity College Dublin's Laidlaw Coordinator, Joel McKeever, talks to Ruairí McKiernan about leading with courage, passion and integrity.

Speaker Information:

Ruairí has spent the past 20 years working for social change. He was named by global changemakers organisation Ashoka as one of the top 10 changemakers in Ireland. Ruairí established the pioneering SpunOut.ie youth organisation in 2005 and is a co-founder of numerous non-profit organisations and initiatives. In 2012 he was appointed to Ireland's Council of State by the President of Ireland, Michael D Higgins where he served a 7-year term. A business graduate and a Fulbright fellow, Ruairí is a regular contributor to the media on health and social issues and has led numerous campaigns in the areas of public health, human rights and environmental action. His chart-topping Love and Courage podcast features inspirational voices for change from around the world. His memoir Hitching for Hope was released in March this year and quickly became a number 1 bestseller. Ruairí is a passionate speaker and a big believer in the idea that everyone has innate leadership potential and that young people in particular need mentorship and support in their journey to become effective leaders.

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