Week 6 video project - Huge thanks to my collaborators, Dr. Watanabe and Dr. Green, on this project. Also special thanks to Dr. Kaiya Provost and Dr. Catherine Early.

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Meghan Rose Forcellati

Laidlaw Scholar, Columbia University

I am a rising junior interested in evolutionary biology, vertebrate paleontology, and evolution. The majority of my interests and experience have been focusing on archosaurs, a group which among other animals includes birds, dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and crocodiles. I would like to tackle larger questions such as how to identify species in fossil taxa through quantifying variation in living groups of organisms. I have been interning at the American Museum of Natural History in Ornithology and then in Vertebrate Paleontology over the past three years. I also participated in an independent research project studying a Spinosaurid maxilla from the Kem Kem beds of Morocco.