Angel Latt - Laidlaw Summer 2021 Video

Brief overview of the research that I conducted during Laidlaw Summer 2021 in the Dynamic Memory and Perception Lab.

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This summer, I was a Research Assistant in the memory experts project, working under Professor Chris Baldassano. I analyzed pilot study data on naive subejcts who learned the method of loci as well as created my own study that looks at expanding the generalization of the method of loci technique to other memorization content. 

Angel Rose Latt

Undergraduate Researcher, Columbia University

Hi there! My name is Angel (she/her/hers), and I'm first-year and a native New York City resident studying Neuroscience and Behavior. I'm passionate about all things STEM and medicine, and I hope to learn more through research over the next few years. When I'm not in the lab or having my nose stuck in a book, you can find me listening to music, volunteering, exploring the city, and baking too much!