Laidlaw Video Showcase 2019 (Jack Doherty)

In October 2019 the second cohort of Laidlaw Scholars at Trinity produced videos to reflect on their summer of research and leadership development. This is one of the the videos highlighted at the event. Well done to all involved!

Name:  Jack Doherty

Programme: TSM Mathematics and Music

Project Title: "Mathematics for the Ears: An Explanation of the Hidden Mathematical Structures in Post-Tonal Music"

Supervisor: Dr Sergey Mozgovoy

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Go to the profile of Nikol Chen
over 4 years ago

Jack, this is a fabulous video! Absolutely in love with it. 

Go to the profile of Seán O'Neill McPartlin
over 4 years ago

Jack, this is an excellent video! Thanks for sharing it. 

Go to the profile of Susanna Kempe
over 4 years ago

Absolutely love the clarity and honesty of this! Good luck with summer 2