Global Induction Session 2021

Global Induction Session 2021

This Room contains all materials, announcements, and discussions related to the 2021 Global Induction Session which will take place on Wednesday June 9th at 3pm BST | 10am EDT | 10pm HKT.
Jun 09, 2021

My name is: William Charles (also go by Billy) I study History at the University of York My research is about: Government policy response with regards to the use of the military and Covid-19. I chose this research topic because: It encompasses two areas in which I have a keen interest, politics and the armed forces, as well as being relevant and useful in today's environment. I am from: Nottinghamshire, UK When I'm not studying/working, I like to: Play rugby, fresh water swimming, for the most part being outdoors. One thing about me that surprises people: I used to work in finance, I spent three years as an auditor and accountant at Mazars, a large French multinational providing a range of business advisory, assurance and external audit services. Ask me about: Anything, I am chatty and friendly guy, and am planning on making the most of this opportunity, and would therefore like to get to know as many of you as possible, especially if our research projects overlap and we are able bounce ideas of one another. I'd love to connect with someone who: Has knowledge or experience they'd be willing to share about life and work in public service, i.e. MoD, civil service, politics. 
May 14, 2021

Introduce yourself here! 🙌

Hi all, Let's get to know each other better ahead of the Global Induction Session! Please introduce yourself to the global Laidlaw community in this thread.  Here is a template you can use to tell everyone a bit about yourself: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- My name is: ______ (*pronouns*) I study _______ [course/major] at ________ [university] My research is about: ______ I chose this research topic because: _______ I am from: ______ When I'm not studying/working, I like to: ________ One thing about me that surprises people: ________ Ask me about: _________   I'd love to connect with someone who: __________ If you are an alum or completed your first summer last year - share some advice! What do you wish you knew before starting? What is the most valuable thing you learnt from your experience?  I'm excited to meet you all and hear your stories! 

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