Volunteering Opportunity: Narrate Children's Books

Laidlaw Scholars are supporting the development of the digital library for our Laidlaw Schools Trust primary students. Help out by filming yourself reading a few minutes of a children's book out loud!
Volunteering Opportunity: Narrate Children's Books

[UPDATE 8/12/21: Thank you to all interested students who have voluntereed! We are pleased to share that all books have now been claimed. Stay tuned to see the final videos soon.]

[Project guidance for readers available here.]

Are you looking for a chance to give back to your community? Do you ever miss reading children's books? 

Help us support young Laidlaw Schools Trust children by building a digital library of narrated book fragments!

Here's how the project goes:

  1. You choose a book from the below lists of texts which we have available.
  2. We will send you a physical copy of the book (which you can keep).
  3. You can practice reading the text, then film yourself introducing the book and reading for around 5-10 minutes (please make sure that the audio recording is high quality).
  4. You will send us the recording, and the videos will be available for schoolchildren at Westgate Primary School in their weekly digital library session. The aim is to promote reading-for-pleasure books that the children can then borrow and continue reading for themselves! 

See an example that Laidlaw Scholar Lauren Poundrell created last year: LST Volunteering: Reading 'The Highwayman'

If you are interested, please email kayla.kim@laidlawfoundation.com for additional details, specifying which of the below books you'd like to read!

Reading List for Scholars

We're looking for narrators for any of the below books. Book preferences are first-come, first-served.


I am really excited by this initiative. Inspiring our children to read is so important for their academic success,, for their mental health and their aspirations. Seeing who they could become in you is more important still. Huge thanks in advance to anyone who signs up to do this.