The perception of Germany in Britain and the UK

Language teaching can provide an individual with their first impression of another culture. Thus, the power of language teaching is immense. It can fight prejudices, stereotypes and misconceptions. It promotes understanding and compassion. We need to decolonise language teaching to improve the world

As part of my research, I am interested in developing an understanding of how Germany and the German language is perceived within Britain and the UK. Additionally, I am fascinated by how the perception of German compares to other modern foreign languages that are widely taught within the British education system, such as French and Spanish.

This survey is designed to assess the perception of Germany and the German language perpetuated by language teaching within the British education system and the responses will be used to develop strategies to decolonise language learning within the UK and further afield.

Any responses are greatly appreciated. If you were not originally educated in the UK, please still feel free to submit your responses; there will be an opportunity to state where you were originally schooled.

The link and QR code are attached: