Research Diaries - Tiktok

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As my research officially starts tomorrow, I wanted to find an interesting way to share my research summer. Enter Tiktok. It helped to keep most of us occupied during lockdown, but now I want to use it to share how my research is going and how I am structuring my research! 

I'm going to try to do a 'day in my life' style video every day of my research project! If anyone would like to take a look, you can either go to @emily_laidlaw on Tiktok or, at the end of my research summer, I will collect all of the videos together and post them here! 

Emily :) 

Emily Shepherdson (she/they)

Student , University of York

Hi! I'm originally from Hull, East Yorkshire but I'm currently a first year undergraduate student studying for a BA in Linguistics and ab initio Italian at the University of York. Alongside my studies, I am also the current blog coordinator for the University Feminist Society. Being a Laidlaw Scholar allows me to research the success of speech and language therapies in my project entitled 'Hidden behind a smile: acquisition and societal perception of speech sounds in children with cleft lip and palate.'! 

My pronouns are she/they, please feel free to use either!