Photo Essay - LIA (days off) in 35mm

Small journey through my weekends in Senegal. -My film was damaged by the heat in the desert, resulting in these dreamy colors in most of the photos-
Photo Essay - LIA (days off) in 35mm

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Couple enjoying the beginning of sunset along Dakar's coast
People take dip by the Mosque of Divinity in Dakar, designed by the architect Cheikh Ngom in 1997
My friend Amadou and a stray (now adopted and named Emma)
The roofs of Sicap Mbao, Dakar 
Amadou and his friend's kids after lunch in Sicap Mbao
Water pipes being carried by contractors in village in Fatick region, connecting first community well 
Much needed escape from the heat near my guest house during my final 2 days in Fatick
Protests on the way to the airport after the disqualification of the opposition from the next national elections 
Traffic jam 

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almost 2 years ago

So stunning, Tim! Love it