Opportunity: MSDUK 2022 Innovation Challenge

Ethnic minority-founded businesses, start-ups, or scale-ups can pitch to win up to £20,000.
Opportunity: MSDUK 2022 Innovation Challenge

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Applications for the MSDUK 2022 Innovation Challenge are now open!

MSDUK are looking for ethnic minority businesses, start-ups or scaleups who can pitch innovative solutions directly to global brands and investors for the opportunity of access to market and WIN big prizes of up to £20,000.

Challenge categories

The 2022 Innovation Challenge theme is Corporate Sustainability. Corporate sustainability is more than just protecting the environment. A sustainable business is one that works in step with societal and environmental goals, rather than at odds with them. 

The purpose of this nationwide pitching contest is to support and promote ethnic minority entrepreneurs, addressing Corporate Sustainability in any of the three areas below:

  • Environment
  • Economic
  • Social

Applications close on 31st May 2022. Find out more here.

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