Migration in the Time of COVID-19: The Experience of Venezuelan Migrants and Their Forced Return

This past summer, I spent time as a Laidlaw Scholar researching the effects of COVID-19 on the Venezuelan Migration Crisis, the world's second-largest mass-migration crisis in recent history.

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Video Summary- Laidlaw Summer 2020

Astrid Liden

Student, Columbia University

I am a rising sophomore at Columbia University where I study Human Rights and Latin American studies, with a focus on migration. My research focuses on the Venezuelan Migration crisis, the second-largest mass exodus in the world behind the Syrian refugee crisis. I will be looking at the evolution of Venezuela, as a country of immigrants to a country to emigrants, caused by the humanitarian crisis facing the nation today. My focus is on the effects of the crisis and the experiences of women, children, and families who face some of the greatest difficulties. Exploring data and accounts from surrounding Latin American nations like Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru as well as high-income European nations like Spain and Italy, I will be investigating the evolution of the family structure in Venezuelan migrant and refugee communities as well as the impact of the recent COVID-19 pandemic on resources, experiences, and for many, the forced return journey to Venezuela.