Mentor Meeting 2: Ironing out the Details

This was the second meeting that I have had with my mentor on Week 2 of my project. Here, we had a constructive conversation about what needed to be focused on and improved in order to make the next step of research easier and effective.

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This was the second meeting of my project and I feel that now it has come to light my clear goals for the next few weeks. In this meeting we discussed a few key things that I have done over the past week. I had been struggling to visualise workload, so this meeting was of great benefit. 

We had a constructive discussion about my discourse analysis scheme which I created as well as how to improve it, including differences to my table structure and the discourses I have outlined, but also how I could use the work of other authors in order to identify a potential new discourse within my work, and then code for that. While I was assuming the new discourse would come from the text itself, after a conversation with Dan, we decided to look for alternative views in the work of others. 

We also discussed my plan for how I want to structure my report and decided that while it may make more basic sentence to go chronologically, a thematic approach would allow for more comparison and analysis. Therefore, while my first draft may be organised chronologically, I would aim for the final one to be structured thematically. 

At the end of the meeting, we had several actions to be done this week to ensure that I have a good start to week 4. 


  • Make the changes needed to my discourse analysis scheme- big and small changes! 
  • Start reading secondary literature to identify an additional discourse. Start with three texts only this week. This includes reading up on Purple and Blue Labour, as well as work by Judy Atkins, Burman and the others Dan emailed to me. 
  • Finish practicing discourse analysis.
  • Source my literature for analysis- spend one day on Ed Miliband, one day on Jeremy Corbyn and a day on Keir Starmer.

Hannah Boyle

Undergraduate Student, University of York

I am a 2021 Laidlaw Scholar from the University of York, focusing my research on the question:  How was the U.K. Labour Party changed their discourse and proposed to challenge domestic poverty and inequality since 2010?

I have been involved in Politics at a local, grassroots level, including community campaigning, and previously worked for Rachel Reeves MP in her constituency office. As a Politics student, I am interested in all things political and anything related to International Relations, with particular interest on the European Union, Women in Politics and International Development.