LiA make_sense Showcase


Reflection space, insights and ideas I want to capture for my final LiA Showcase:

In the second summer, I participated in the virtual programme of ‘re_action for climate’ offered by Make Sense. Overall it was an interesting experience as I enjoyed the collaboration with my teammate. At first, we were a bit confused and worked on a different direction. With the advice from the coordinators, we discussed among ourselves and came up with the current topic about electronic notes. This idea was inspired by the note-taking patterns of our peers as we observed that a number of students switch to digital management of notes from jotting notes with pen and paper as they transitioned from high school to university. This could be due to more frequent use of electronic devices and development of technology. Therefore, we were interested to investigate and understand the reasons for students to manage notes digitally, thus to influence and provide examples to other students to reduce paper use. To achieve this goal, we set up a platform for students who have been taking notes digitally to share their notes to create a gallery. Apart from our communication with them, it was nice seeing other students interacting among themselves and inspire each other on reducing paper use through notes management. From this project, we learnt that although around two-thirds of responses take notes in both ways, the majority of students prefer to take notes with electronic devices, which made up to 75%. There were several major factors affecting our peers’ note-taking pattern, such as environmental friendliness, convenience, auto-save function, easiness to make modifications and handful arrangement of notes.

On the other hand, participating the programme virtually allowed me to learn better collaboration with people especially when we were staying in different time zones. Although sometimes it did pose hindrance to participation in some events, thanks to technology we did not miss out the essentials. Furthermore, in order to fit people in this generation I also learnt from the programme that it is a smart way to use social media platform to engage young people. Besides, depending on the target population we should design corresponding promotion materials and launch on different platforms. As I will encounter people of different populations in my future career, when I would like to learn more about them I could refer to information on different platforms.

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