Laidlaw LiA Project Outline

Your Full Name and University of affiliation

Full name: Choy Sum Yee Evelyn

University: The University of Hong Kong

University contact

Your key contact or supervisor at your University

Full name: Dr. Stefan Auer

Department: School of Modern Languages and Cultures, Faculty of Arts

Email address:

Title of your LiA project

Produce a report that maps out monthly awareness: bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, depression, psychotic, anxiety, panic, etc. Themes shall be used to address on awareness through e-platforms e.g, infographics, posters, brochures, etc.

The organisation/charity you are working with

Think Pacific and Psychiatric Survivors Association

Organisation/charity contact

Your key contact (supervisor) at the organisation/charity

Full name: Lavenia Curuivalu
Email address

The need or cause you are supporting

What is the specific problem, cause or opportunity you are exploring?

We are trying provide solutions and guidelines to reach out to people suffering from mental issues, the cause of this project is the prevalence of mental illnesses spreading in the Southern Pacific regions and the serious negative consequences. For example, suicidal thoughts and psychotic disorders lead people to commit suicide, others issues like bipolar disorders and personality disorders lead patients to self-harming or uncontrollable threatening behaviours towards others. By seeing the urgency of the problem, we are eager to provide suitable solutions or policy ameliorations to society.


What is the big-picture idea/vision and desired outcome of what your LiA project is trying to achieve in order to address the need or problem above?

The big idea is to design monthly infographics to educate or promote the importance of mental issues awarenesses. Our project also aims to create posters that can be promoted everywhere, such as schools and public transport to wider range of audience. We understand that our posters can reach further impacts such as encouraging the government for policy reforms and public education on emotional handling or medical rehabilitations.


These represent how you will achieve your goal. Write down three to five SMART objectives outlining how you will achieve the overall goal.

  1. Create 4 to 5 monthly infographics and posters, and include 12 sets of them

  2. In those 4 to 5 infographics, we include videos, slogans, point forms, posters and artistic designs to make the posters more interesting and easy to remember.

  3. Research for concrete statistics (including local and international) to base our final presentation and to make more convincing

  4. Provide a informative and comprehensive final presentation to the PSA to explain our goals and objectives at the end of the project

List any challenges, barriers or risks to achieving your objectives

  1. Language barriers: we do not have the knowledge to translate our posters to Fijian and we are worried that the locals, especially children, may not be able to understand all the words we cited from academic articles or international organisations

  2. Lack of first hand information due to geographical limitations: since we are doing it virtually, we may not be able to understand the local situations very well. Moreover, we cannot get access to first-hand information through interviews or surveys, causing insufficiencies in our final project

The corresponding solutions are

  1. We use simple English on the posters to maximise the concerned groups, we also encourage education institutions to spread the information and educational values to others who are suffering from mental illness, we believe that the teachers or adults have the knowledge to provide more in-depth guidelines for the younger generation.

  2. We try as much as we could to communicate with the TP and PSA members to understand the local situations

Milestones per week

What are the significant activities/objectives of the LiA project outlined by week? Please provide dates.

My Milestones

Week Start date Milestones Details


@June 27, 2022

Topic setting

We have received our topic and the direction that guide us to the final project. After knowing each other and self-introduction of strengths and weaknesses, we quickly started our division of labor on the final project.

Week Start date Milestones Details


@July 4, 2022

Beginning of research

We started to get into the topics that we are responsible for; we understand the names, definitions, symptoms of those issues. We also looked for some videos that can comprehensively explain the issues to get us a brief picture of it.


@July 11, 2022

In-depth research

We worked on a google document for in-depth researches, including statistics that describe the illnesses at a local perspective. We have also read through many academic articles to get professional ideas and points.


@July 18, 2022


We worked on our 12-month posters, including videos, the products slogans, pictures, points, and designs.


@July 25, 2022

Editing and amending the products

We changed our 12 posters to more than 40 posters, separating the perspectives included in the posters to make it easier to understand. For example, some 3 to 4 concerned posters are titled as (i) introduction, (ii) symptoms and effects and (iii) treatments and solutions.


@August 1, 2022

Completing the final presentation to the organisation (PSA)

We completed our presentation to the PSA by introducing the functions of posters, visions and missions, how to use them and the expected outcomes. We have also covered the 12 topics that we concerned by showing the samples of posters.