Join an Exclusive Accelerator for Ethnic Minority Founded Businesses

Join the MSDUK Accelerator, sponsored by Unilever, Dow, WPP, and Google
Join an Exclusive Accelerator for Ethnic Minority Founded Businesses

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Accelerator: Elevating ambitious Ethnic Minority founders

Calling all diverse entrepreneurs in the UK!

We are excited to let you know that applications are now OPEN for the MSDUK Accelerator sponsored by Unilever, Google, Dow & WPP. The 3-month cost and equity-free acceleration programme aims to support ethnic minority owned businesses in UK to build competencies and capacity to do business with global brands.

The programme will provide a platform for ethnic minority businesses to gain access to the expertise of MSDUK’s corporate partners, mentors, and high-growth business leaders with lived-and-learned experience via one-to-one mentoring sessions, attend group workshops, and have access to bespoke support and more.

“I really enjoyed the programme, the involvement of corporate sponsors such as WPP to deliver some of the sessions added a lot of value. I’ve been through a few Accelerators but this one stands out in its individualised support approach - it’s practical, useful, and relevant.” - Drishdey Caullychurn, Founder & CEO, TEXpert AI


Drop-in Session, 7th December 2022

Do you have questions about the MSDUK Accelerator application process? Join our drop-in webinar and get them answered!

Link to Register:

Applications close 28th February 2022

Link to Apply:

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