Future Leader 2021/22

I featured in this year's edition of the Powerful Media' Ltd Top 150 Future Leaders; A publication which profiles 150 of the most outstanding black university students in Britain.
Future Leader 2021/22

I feel immensely honoured to have been included amongst a cohort of spectacular talents in Powerful Media and Powerlist Magazine’s Future Leaders 2021/22 - a publication which showcases and celebrates the UK’s Top 150 university students and new graduates of Afro-Caribbean ancestry. I felt privileged to share a room with so many remarkable people and true future leaders.

Additionally, a big thank you to Adenike Adenitire - the magazine’s editor - who hosted the incredible launch event last Thursday. As well as the publication’s partners, Latham & Watkins, and their sponsor, Standard Chartered Bank; for their insightful presentations, and help supporting the awards ceremony.

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about 1 year ago

Congrats Louis, this is great!!

Go to the profile of Louis Peters
about 1 year ago

Thanks Kayla!