Field Journal, 2022 Scholars, Week 6


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For your final post during this research period, you’ll be uploading a video presentation to our site. In your video presentation, please be sure to touch on four topics specifically: discuss the focus of your project (i.e. the question you are asking or exploring) and why you became interested in this topic. Please also discuss the purpose or significance of your research. In other words, why should other people, both within and outside of your field, be interested or excited by your research? Finally, consider the leadership portions of your training, and how they informed your research this summer, or possibly your plans for next summer.

Things to keep in mind while recording: do not speak too quickly, and try to record in a quiet space with minimum background noise. While you should not read from a sheet of paper, practice your presentation a few times before recording. Also, be sure that your description of your work is accessible and understandable to viewers who are not experts in your field, and who may be unfamiliar with your project. Finally, your video should be relatively short--3 minutes max!

Below are instructions for creating a video and posting it to the Columbia room of the Network site! 

- In the top blue menu bar, click Contribute > Create a Video 

- Click ‘+ New Video’ green button 

- Drag and drop the video or browse your device to upload the video (ideally MP4, max size 1GB)

- Wait for video to upload (might take a while if the video is very long)

- Once uploaded, the video will be processing. At this stage you should: 

- fill out the title, introduction, and the main body text

- choose the thumbnail 

- apply the appropriate badges 

select ‘Columbia University’ in the Rooms settings 

- Once processed, you will see a play button appear on the video 

- Click Save, and then click Publish Now. Then again Publish Now. 

You can also find the instructions on page 12 in the Network Guide.

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