Ep 3 - Buddhist Philosophy Podcast

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Is a coherent, modern, secular Buddhism possible? ☸⚛

Using the tools of psychoanalysis French philosopher Francois Laruelle's non-philosophy, my guest Glenn Wallis' answer is a resounding no. All Buddhism, whether it be Tiantai, Zen, Madhayamak or socially engaged Buddhism is untenable and in need of ruin.

Listen to the podcast to find out why! 🎧🎧

Tom Burdge

Founder, Researcher and Podcast Host, buddhistphilosophy.co.uk

I am the founder of buddhistphilosophy.co.uk where I currently host podcasts with expert guests in Buddhist philosophical practice and theory. With this project, I am to contribute toward correcting the entrenched Eurocentric bias in philosophy by creating an inclusive space for learning about Buddhist philosophy. As a Laidlaw Scholar, I have researched on researched philosophy of time, Buddhist philosophy, and philosophy of language. My research output includes a paper entitled Meaning in Gibberish (forthcoming in Aporia). I have presented this paper and discussed related issues in talks and workshops at the University of St Andrews and the University of Edinburgh. Language learning holds a high in priority in my studies and research. I have studied some Pali (OCBS levels 1 and 2) and I read French fluently. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any interest in the following: Buddhism, Buddhist philosophy, Ambedkar studies, women and Buddhist philosophy, cross-cultural philosophy, critical theory, French philosophy, Laruelle’s non-philosophy, non-Buddhism, philosophy of nonsense, philosophy of death.