Blatter Radical Videos

Hi guys! So I created a small series of videos on Blatter Radicals, with a quick overview of what they are, how they are made and what some key properties are.

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Being a chemistry scholar unable to go to the one place I needed to be (the lab), I decided to do background reading and present my findings in a format that will be more easily explained and more readily accessible to people wanting to know what Blatter Radicals are. I know there must be lots of you out there! So with that being said, here are the videos and enjoy!

Video 1: Blatter Radicals: What are they? 

Video 2: Blatter Radicals: How are they made?

 Video 3: Blatter Radicals: Magnetic Properties:

Playlist of the Blatter Radical Videos:

Thanks for your attention guys!

Georgia Kriticou

Undergraduate, Durham University

I believe in ground-breaking research, innovation and teaching. I am passionate about learning difficult concepts and breaking them down to their core; simplifying them and being able to convey their essence to anyone willing to listen. As an undergraduate chemistry student, researcher on synthesis of Blatter Radicals and volunteer tutor, this is exactly what I am doing. And I love it. There’s always more to research and learn in chemistry and I am always up for the challenge. My hobbies and interests range form hiking, running and swimming, to art and reading.