Article on Evelina Antonetty

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Evelina Antonetty was an activist and community organizer in the South Bronx in the 1960's and 70's. She was a central figure in my research, and I recently wrote about her in Public Seminar: read it here.

Linus Glenhaber

Student, Columbia University

I am a First Year in Columbia College interested in majoring in either History or Anthropology—my interests are pretty much exactly in between the two. I am interested in combining my two fields of interest while looking at the legacy of notorious urban planner Robert Moses and his counterpart Jane Jacobs. I am interested no in what Moses built, but looking at myth created around him, and in particular the debates created between him and Jacobs. Through this research, I wants to reexamine how this debate was constructed and how it informs modern day planning discussion.