PostGraduate Funding Advice?

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Dear Fellow Laidlaw Scholars,

 I have been offered a place to read for a BPhil in Philosophy at the University of Oxford, however, I am at a loss for ideas about how to fund it. Presently, I am aware of the following, if anyone knows of additional opportunities, please do let me know at

U.K Government Masters Loan amounts to about 11,000 pounds. 

There are automatic scholarship applications through an Oxford application (e.g., the Clarendon scholarship). 

The George Moore Scholarship: an Irish scholarship designed to fund students going to the U.S, but sometimes  they fund students going to the U.K (which I am in the process of applying to).

Seán O'Neill McPartlin

Student / Organiser/ Co-Founder @ Effective Altruism Ireland, Effective Altruism Ireland